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At Fox & Dragon Hobbies, our passion for collectibles is matched only by our commitment to sustainability. When you receive a shipment from us, you'll notice our dedication to minimizing waste, whether through recycled boxes or packing materials. We've streamlined our packaging process by omitting unnecessary slips, like thank you notes and packing slips, unless specifically requested. We're continually exploring new eco-friendly practices to reduce our environmental footprint while still offering you the products you adore.
As you know, we carry snacks and candy. Inevitably this means that occasionally items near the best before date before we can sell them. Rather than letting these perfectly good treats go to waste, Fox & Dragon Hobbies is excited to announce our partnership with the Too Good To Go App! This innovative platform allows us to sell mystery bags of food that might otherwise be discarded, offering you fantastic deals while preventing edible items from ending up in landfills.
Each bag from Too Good To Go contains items deemed unsellable by retailers due to factors like nearing expiration dates, minor damage, or surplus stock. By purchasing these bags, you're not only saving delicious food but also enjoying significant savings—typically three times the value of what you pay. Rest assured, everything we offer through this partnership is safe for consumption.
In North America, there's often confusion regarding best-before and expiry dates. It's important to note that best-before dates indicate peak freshness rather than safety. Many shelf-stable items, such as candy and snacks, remain perfectly edible for weeks or even months beyond this date. In fact, in some countries, production dates are used instead of best-before labels.
To join us in our mission to combat food waste, simply download the Too Good To Go app and search for Fox & Dragon Hobbies. Your purchases can be conveniently picked up at Retro Quest (2060 Sheppard Ave E) in North York. Let's work together to make a positive impact on our planet while indulging in delicious treats!

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