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If you want to level up the sweets in your box look no further! 

Love chocolate or sugary snacks? Pick our Large Size Chocolate OR Candy upgrade and we will replace 1 regular size chocolate or candy confection with 1 Large size equivalent. (item may include king-size, share size, bar and a half size, grande, supersize, etc.)

Can't get enough cakes and pastries? Then our pastry upgrade is right up your alley! When you select this item we will replace your regular-size pastry with a super-sized counterpart. (includes any double, super, large, etc)

Can't decide? We've got you covered! Pick our Double Upgrade and we will replace both your pastry item and 1 candy or chocolate confection with a larger-sized option.

Want to balance out the sweet with something Salty? Add a Salty Snack and get 1 bag of something a little more savory such as Chips or Hickory Sticks!

Simply select your box of choice HERE and then add the corresponding add-ons and upgrades to your cart. 

Your box will still include 6 Canadian Treats but with the larger size option, you choose. Please note these upgrades are NOT additional items with the exception of The Salty Snack Add on, Adding the Salty Snack will give you 7 items in your box. You MUST have a Nerd Feeder Box in your order to purchase one of our add-ons or upgrade items. Any orders made without the Base box will be automatically canceled and refunded. 

Please note each item is subject to availability and will be selected accordingly. Items not appearing on this list may also be included as availability changes. These boxes are not guaranteed to be peanut/tree nut-free however we are looking into an allergy-safe option to be added in the future. Due to the nature of shipping, we can not guarantee chocolate will not melt in transit, if temperatures are warm we recommend refrigerating to firm the chocolate prior to eating.

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