Meet the Faces behind the Shop

Shop Owners - Michael & Crystal

 Hi! We are Michael and Crystal, the husband-and-wife team behind Fox & Dragon Hobbies. Collecting has always been a huge pillar in our relationship. It started back when we met, and we know that collecting will be a part of our future for years to come.

We remember collecting all kinds of toys as kids, from Pogs and Polly Pockets, to Crazy Bonez and Pokémon Cards. We remember going to our local trade shows together as teens, buying and trading Yu-Gi-Oh Cards when they first started gaining popularity in North America, but more importantly we remember that rush of excitement from pulling a rare card fresh from a pack. We know first hand the dedication and hard work it takes to complete sets of all different types of collectables, and we hope to share it all with you.

Our memories and passion are what drove us to start Fox & Dragon Hobbies and we would love to be a part of your collecting journey, whether you're just starting out, or a long time collector. We promise to bring you the best possible service we can, so we can call you a part of our Family for years to come.