Item Condition Policy


Do you offer a Mint Condition guarantee?

As collectors we completely understand how important those mint condition boxes are, however unfortunately due to the nature of our distribution agreements we cannot currently offer mint condition guarantees on our products. We do our best to inspect each item upon receiving it however sometimes we do receive items with cosmetic damage to the boxes. Rare pops may have been purchased from a private collection, and such we only have 1 or 2 of the item. In these cases while we strive for the best condition possible sometimes the boxes may have small cosmetic defects.

Any damage larger than approximately a quarter of an inch will be noted on the item order page. We will try to include photos where there is notable damage and it is our last item in stock. If you have questions about the damage on a collectable item please contact us and we will be happy to answer and provide photos where possible.

Trading Cards:

Due to the way we receive product some items may have imperfections from shipping for examples, holes/tears in the plastic wrap, dents or creases to the outer box. As with all our products we will do the best we can to make sure that packs themselves have not experienced damage and that any damage is purely cosmetic. We can't however promise you won't receive an item without cosmetic damage to the packaging. If this is a concern for you please contact us and we will happily check before you place your order. 

The product inside the packaging is completely out of our control and if there is damage or missing parts please note you will need to contact the manufacturer for warranty service.


If you would like a photo of the front & back of the actual card prior to purchase please contact us to request it before making your purchase. Orders cancelled due to being unhappy with a card's condition when photos are requested AFTER the order is placed will be refunded in full to store credit or original payment method minus a 6% processing fee to cover the costs we incur from payment and refund processing. 

Near Mint (NM): Minimal to no wear from handling/shuffling. crisp undamaged corners and edges with few minor flaws. Near Mint cards may have a tiny edge nick or scratch.

Holofoil cards may have some curving due to the nature of manufacturing and this is not abnormal to find.

Slightly Played (SP): May have minor border or corner wear, or slight scratching/scuffs but no major defects are notable.

Used (U): May have border or corner wear, creases, dents, whitening or any combination of mild marking on the cards. Creases or dents are very minor.

Heavily Played (HP): Cards may be severely worn on borders and corners, have scratches, scuffs, or creases/dents, and whitening in a large amount.