Ordering Policies Including Pre-orders



Why do I have to pay for my pre-order right away?

When making a pre-order for products from our suppliers we order based on demand. Once your order is placed with us we order from our suppliers. Our distribution contracts require that we pay immediately for our orders. Please ensure you are completely sure of your purchase when making your order to avoid the need for cancellation and incurring fees needlessly.


Why do you only accept cancellations on pre-orders for the first 24 hours?

Because pre-orders are made based on demand and we place our order with our supplier based on your order. Once we have placed an order with our supplier we only have 24 hours to cancel and then we are locked in and cannot cancel the order.


Is there a restocking fee on canceled pre-orders and purchases and why?

For on hand items and pre-orders canceled within the first 24 hours we charge a 6% restocking fee. For pre-orders which are canceled after 24 hours we charge 15%. For on hand items where local pickup and cash or e-transfer has been chosen as the payment method there is no restocking fee.

Restocking fees allow us to recoup some of our costs as we incur fees for each refund. When canceling a pre-order in the first 24 hours we charge 6% to recoup the fees charged by our payment processors, canceling a pre-order after the first 24 hours we are also subject to a restocking fee of 15%.

For on-hand items, the 6% fee is charged to recoup the cost of the transaction fees we are charged for your payment and then the fee we are charged for the subsequent refund. We hope you understand that we are a very small business and losing money on the fees from canceled orders is financially significant to us.


PayPal paid refunds:

PayPal payments older than 180 days cannot be refunded as PayPal does not allow older transactions to be refunded. Though we wouldn't often have cause for this type of refund, any refund that falls into this category would be for store credit only. To avoid this, please pay by credit card instead.


Pre-orders as time sensitive gifts:

We do not recommend getting someone a time sensitive gift which is a pre-order. The dates to these often change by large margins and what was supposed to come out in April could suddenly be coming in October instead, missing your special occasion completely. Dates on pre-orders are estimates at best and completely unpredictable and sometimes completely inaccurate. We always update the product page with the most accurate information we have available but no one likes to be the cause of a ruined birthday!

Items canceled due to production delays which don't meet a time sensitive deadline will have restocking fees charged without exception.


Can I combine in stock and pre order items?

You can, however we recommend keeping them separated. Orders with in stock items and pre-orders will have all in stock portions held until the entire order is ready to ship. To avoid delays we highly recommend placing 2 separate orders.


Abuse of the pre-order system:

Please don't use us as your back up system! If you order an item from us, we are expecting you to follow through. Repeated abuse of the pre-order system with cancellations in excess can lead to you being banned from cancellations, or only able to refund to store credit.


Pricing Errors:

Although we promise to always offer the lowest possible price we can there is a possibility of human error when we add products to the website. We reserve the right to make corrections to these errors within 30 days of your initial order and payment. We will inform you of the error and allow you the option to pay the difference in price to meet the correct amount, or cancel without penalty and be refunded in full. 

If the error in question is incorrectly displayed Shipping costs, we reserve the right to correct it at any time prior to shipping your item. We will invoice you the difference in shipping fee and what was paid or provide you the option to cancel your order. 


Stock Errors:

In the event that we find we are out of stock of an item you have ordered while picking your order, or there is significant/notable damage which was not already noted on the item page (where applicable), we will refund you and notify you of the stock error and ship the rest of the items. If we will be receiving more of the item we will contact you to notify you of the delay and give you the option to have us hold your order until it is received.


All pre-orders are subject to allocation & availability which is beyond our control. Due to the high demand and limited nature of collectibles it happens on occasion, that our distributor short-ships us (this means we do not receive everything we placed a purchase order for). We do our best never to over-sell and never take more orders than our supplier has promised us but sometimes, even they can't fill the order leading to delays or cancellations. In these instances you will be notified by email.


In the event of stock error, or where our supplier cannot fulfill our purchase order you will be refunded without penalty to your payment method.  


Last Updated: May 13, 2022