Local Delivery/Pickup

We understand that Free shipping is important when shopping online. Many retailers offer it these days and we looked into it as well. Unfortunately, shipping fees in Canada are very high. We looked at every service we could find, both primary and third party options. We determined that in order to facilitate free shipping, we would need to build the high shipping costs into our product pricing. To do this we would simply not be able to offer the lowest possible pricing we can.

When we opened our shop we decided we would remain as dedicated as possible to providing the best possible pricing we could based on our costs. This means that we keep our profit margins very low. In order to do this we decided that we would have to charge shipping. We are just too small still to absorb that cost, and we didn't want to increase the price of products across the board to justify free shipping.

We get that it will likely deter some people from shopping with us, and that really stinks because we want to offer as many people as we can, cool things with good prices. In order to help offset high shipping costs we are offering curb-side pickup for individuals located in the GTA 7 days a week by appointment, if you can't get here during business hours we will do our best to find a time that works for you. 

NEW: Pick Up at Retro Quest! We don't have our own store yet, but now you can Pick up your order from Retro Quest Games & Collectibles located at 2060 Sheppard Ave East. Your order will be available approximately 2 business days after placed and paid online. You should see a notification in your email first confirming your order, and then directly from us letting you know you can pick your order up. You'll need to bring a piece of Photo ID and your Order Number with you.  For more information about hours and requirements please see our blog post here: https://www.foxanddragonhobbies.ca/blogs/news/retro-quest

We will also be offering local delivery throughout the week at a reduced cost. We won't be making money off of delivery, and the fees are just to help cover the cost of gas, and car maintenance and our time. Local Delivery orders are packaged in bags the same as our local pick up orders as we are hand delivering them. Exceptions to this are when items are too large for our standard bag, or by specific request for a sealed box by the customer. This is due to the higher cost of boxes vs bags. We currently have 3 delivery zones:

Delivery Zone  Minimum Order  Price
Super Local Delivery (3km radius) $1 $5.00
$49 FREE
Local Delivery (8km radius) $1 $10.00
$49 $5.00
$99 FREE
GTA Delivery (30km radius) $1 $15.00
$99 $10.00
$199 $5.00
*Free Delivery at this amount is offered but you MUST contact us prior to placing  your order due to Shopify restrictions* $299 FREE* 


We wish we could offer all our customers Free shipping and delivery options but right now, its just not feasible for us. We promise you that we will be looking at it regularly and the minute we find a way, we will change our policy to accommodate it.

If you would like to take advantage of either of these options please select local pickup or delivery during check out. If your item is in stock you will receive an email with instructions for you to pick up your item. If your order contains a pre-order you will be notified of its arrival and we will make pick up arrangements at that time.

Tracked Standard shipping is dispatched on Tuesdays each week. Deliveries will most often also be handled on this day but we may have additional dates based on availability. Priority/Expedited shipping will be taken as soon as possible after order processing is done. 

Updated April 19 2024