Nerd Feeder Box F.A.Q.

What is a Nerd Feeder Box?

Our Nerd Feeder Box is a Curated Treat box full of Canadian Snacks you may not find in other regions. It includes an assortment of Candy, Chocolate, Pastries and other Snacks made in Canada. We also offer a Loot Add on to make your box even better.


Does Fox & Dragon Hobbies Manufacture the Items in the box?

These items are all pre-packaged by the manufacturer and simply curated by us. We box them up and send them out to you but never come into contact with any of the edible products aside from the outer packaging. We always wash and sanitize our hands before packaging your items.


I can get <item> at my local shop. It isn't "Canadian".

That is fantastic to hear you can get it locally! If you'd like to order and want to be sure we don't include 1 or 2 specific items you can get near you, simply send us an email or include which items you can get locally in your order note and we will do our best to choose other items instead. However please understand our boxes are packaged based on available stock so this may not always be possible. Additionally there may be differences in the Canadian product vs. the one available to you. A great example of this is the Kit Kat Chocolate bar. In Canada it is produced by Nestle, where as in the USA it is (I Think!) a Hershey product. We have heard the chocolate has a different texture/mouthfeel and taste between the 2 and that's why we offer it. Another reason you may see items available to you that are the same as what we offer is after doing some market research we found that a lot of snacks are available regionally. In fact, some aren't even available across all of Canada and we want everyone to be able to enjoy them!


Add on and Upgrade limits?

We are currently limiting each add on and upgrade to 1 per box. For upgrades we are only making a few cents above our cost on the larger size products, and it is a similar case for the Add On Loot. We want to keep it a great deal for you but we are still a business and need to make a little bit of money to pay the bills!


I have Peanut or tree nut Allergies, are your boxes safe for me?

While we would LOVE to guarantee a peanut and allergen free box, unfortunately at this time, we can not make that promise. We are currently looking for peanut free options and if we can find enough we will happily make this choice available. In the meanwhile, please feel free to reach out to us and we will see if we can put together a box that works for you.


I want to refund my box.

We are sorry to see you weren't satisfied but due to the nature of the box, there are no refunds or exchanges available for these items, including the loot products. We will always do our best to ensure everything is packaged safely and that nothing arrives damaged and we never use the boxes to off load damaged product. Please be aware that these snacks are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration, but it IS possible that they could melt due to unstable temperatures or hot weather during shipping. This is completely beyond our control so we request that you order with this in mind.


Will every box be the same?

No, we try not to make them the same! We select the items at random, based on stock, so we can't guarantee a specific item will or will not be in your box. Also due to the limited nature of different snacks, we can't promise you'd never get a box repeated.


Can I make a request?

If there is a specific item you would love to try, please feel free to ask for it in your order notes, with the understanding that if we can accommodate your request we will, but that there are no promises that we have it in stock. We can definitely try but there is NO PRODUCT GUARANTEE.


Can I make changes to my order?

We can make changes to an order which have not yet been processed for shipping. Please see our cancellation policy for order cancellation details, or email us with your questions.


How long does it take to process my order?

We do our best to get you order dispatched as quickly as possible. The average processing time is 1-3 business days, though this can be extended during holidays due to high volume of orders. If there is a delay with your order we will reach out to make sure you know.

For delivery estimates please see our Shipping policy.

For Local Pick up orders, we are usually ready to make your pick up appointment within 1-2 business days and you will be notified by email.


Where do you ship?

We currently ship to most countries. Please note that shipping fees and times are determined by our actual costs and will be calculated at checkout based on the method you select. You are responsible for any import duties, taxes/VAT, or other fees incurred at delivery.


Why does the selection I received differ from the photos on the website?

We select Canadian Treats based on what is available to us. The photos are just examples of some of the items you could receive and are not reflective of exactly what is in your box.


The Nerd Feeder is is sold out, will you be getting more?

We hope to keep this in stock so if it sells out please feel free to reach out so we can notify you when we have more available.


Can you send me a photo or list of the exact item I will be ordering?

Unfortunately as this is a blind box style item, we are not currently taking photos or sending lists prior to you receiving the item. 


If it is in my cart is the item held?

Items in the cart are not held so please order as soon as you can to ensure it is not scooped up by another shopper.


Are the prices of items in my cart guaranteed?

Items in your cart will reflect the most recent price on the product page. Adding an item to your cart does not reserve the price. In order to get the price you see you must complete your purchase.


How is my item packed for shipping?

We pack your item with utmost care to protect it during shipping. We try to size our shipping boxes to avoid unnecessary movement of the items in the box and use sufficient packing material. We offer upgraded shipping 4” Funko Pop! Figures. If ordering a Nerd Feeder x Funko you are welcome to purchase a pop protector in addition to your pop for just $2.00.


 Are there any warranties on your Loot items in the Nerd Feeder x boxes?

There is no warranty or product guarantee for Loot in these boxes. We do not offer a mint condition guarantee as a general policy so the same applies here. We will never ship out a damaged or defective item on purpose but please understand that all loot is taken from current stock and our distributor does not offer us mint condition guarantees so we are only able to offer what we recieve.




Do you have a physical location?

We do not currently have any brick and mortar locations. Due to Covid-19's affect on everyone we decided it was a safer choice to start with online only and look at opening a brick and mortar store in the future. It is definitely one of our goals! We do however, offer Local Pick Up even without a physical shop location to make our store as customer friendly as possible.


Where is Fox & Dragon Hobbies located and where do orders ship from?

We are located in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). All orders are shipped or picked up from this location. We do not offer alternative pick up sites.


No Free Shipping? Why is shipping so expensive? Do you offer pickup or delivery?

We charge calculated shipping based on weight, packaged dimensions & shipping location. Shopify is very limited as far as making shipping costs accurate but we have done our very best to set our costs up to be as accurate as possible to actual shipping fees. We also offer local delivery & pick up. Please see the info page here for full details.


Can I stop by and see your stock?

Unfortunately as we work out of our home, we can't allow you to browse at this time.


Last Update: March 25, 2022